Circus troupe performs ‘Undertale’ track with Pope Francis in attendance

A religious experience

In what is now his second encounter with the game, a popular track from Undertale was played at a circus with Pope Francis in attendance.

At a recent event, the General Audience, a small circus, was put on as part of the lineup. Typically, the General Audience is where groups of pilgrims will meet with the Pope, and he will impart his benediction in various languages. Yesterday, the circus known as Rony Roller performed for the Pope. The group had also performed for Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 and appeared for Pope Francis in 2017. But now, for reasons unknown, part of their performance involved the track Megalovania from Undertale.


The track is quite clearly a cover, seemingly using brass instruments. If you aren’t familiar with the track, it is the final boss music for the evil route in the game. It has high octane energy and matches the performance Rony Roller put on. You can watch the performance above, with the Megalovania segment starting at 1:04:40. However, this isn’t the first time Pope Francis has encountered Undertale.

Matthew Patrick, better known as MatPat, host of GameTheory, was invited to a world summit on the internet at the Vatican. Typically, one brings a gift when visiting the Pope, so naturally, MatPat chose a Steam code of Undertale.

MatPat explained the reasoning for the gift in a video released after his visit, saying that because the Pope proclaimed 2016 “the year of mercy for the Catholic church”, that is the underlying theme of Undertale. If we had 20p for every time Undertale came face to face with the Pope, we’d only have 40p, but it’s still weird that it happened twice.

In other news, Sega CEO Haruki Satomi addressed the news that the company is interested in NFTs, but they won’t do it if fans don’t want them.