‘Civilization 6’ endgame mod lets players relive victories in minimalist form

A hex on you

A new mod takes one of the best parts of Firaxis’ 4X strategy game Civilization 6 – winning, of course – and makes it even better with a beautiful update to the post-game maps.

Technically, winning isn’t a requirement for the mod (as spotted by PCGamesN) – leading your civilisation of choice to glory just makes it all the sweeter. Win or lose, the mod, which has the self-explantory title “Endgame Map Replay“, presents the ebb and flow of a game, reducing each data point to a simple hexagon. The result is a striking minimalist representation of the game’s events, the colourful shapes painting the flow of progress across the world.


The mod, created by a player with the handle “Technoluddite”, doesn’t replace the existing in-game map, but rather adds a new tab called “The World” to the end game screen. The creator says that “this displays a map of the of the world, initally showing it as it was at the begining of the game. History can then be replayed showing cities being founded, infrastructure being built, territory gained and lost, and religions spreading over the course of time.”

The mod also features an in-game mode, accessible from the “Map History” button on the launch bar. This will “show the known world as it exists at the time”, using the same minimalist style, but unlike the end game version, “does not reveal any information that the player didn’t already have access to”. The in-game map is also available in a windowed or fullscreen view.

In either mode, playback controls also allow players to accelerate through the recap, or hop back and forth through time. Technoluddite says performance and compatibility of the mod has been widely tested, and it should work with any combination of expansions and DLC released for the game to date.

Elsewhere, the president of CD Projekt Red has said the company is not up for sale, and that there are measures in place to prevent a hostile takeover.