‘Civilization VI’’s final DLC for New Frontier Pass to feature zombies

Battle zombie hordes, and spy with the help of the undead

The sixth DLC to be included in Civilization VI’s New Frontier Pass has been announced and will include zombies, along with a new leader and new country.

Firaxis, the studio behind Civilization VI, revealed in a Developer Update video that the final DLC for New Frontier Pass will be Portugal. The new civilization will also introduce a new leader and two new Wonders.


The two Civilization VI Wonders that will be available with the Portugal pack are Torre de Belém and Etemenanki, and maps will also be updated with a Wetlands script.

Civilization VI’s Portugal pack comes with a Zombie Defence mode, which allows players to toggle the option to defend against undead armies as well as the usual perils of gameplay.

Every battle that is won will produce a chance for deceased units to rise as zombies, meaning they are capable of infecting other units with the zombie virus. Leaders’ armies will potentially have to take out each unit several times, building significant defences to keep their cities safe.

Traps and Barricades must be used to deter the oncoming hordes, and in some games it will be possible to redirect and control them to an extent. Players can also attempt to spy on their rivals by spawning zombies inside their zone tiles.

The Portugal pack will be released to Civilization VI players on March 25, available either as part of the New Frontier Pass or on its own.


The New Frontier Pass’ last update included the Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack, which joined Babylon, Byzantium & Gaul, Ethiopia, and Maya & Gran Colombia packs.

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