Classic Xbox 360 titles updated ahead of the console’s 20th Anniversary

These titles may be receiving improved backwards compatibility as part of the celebrations

Some high profile Xbox 360 games have been updated ahead of the Xbox 20th Anniversary event next week.

According to VGC, Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, Fable Anniversary and Fable 3 have received updates alongside Bethesda titles Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Oblivion.

This has led to speculation that these titles could be receiving improved backwards compatibility functionality as a part of the event on November 15, as Microsoft has confirmed that no new games will be announced at the event.


Fallout 3
Fallout 3. Credit: Bethesda

Airing on November 15 at 6PM GMP (10AM PST/1PM EST), the event will be streamed to the Xbox YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels. Players registered for Xbox FanFest (which can be done here) will also be eligible for giveaways during the event, and new items will also be coming to the Xbox gear shop.

An official post for the event says: “We are excited to mark this milestone with you as we celebrate some of our favourite moments from the past 20 years of Xbox. It’s been fun to reminisce on all the memories we’ve shared with the Xbox community over the years and we are excited about what the next 20 years has in store as we continue to play.”

Elsewhere, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has said the company wants to “continue to invest in more social, casual content that’s out there” in the future.

“It’s a two-sided economy of creators starting new teams, taking risks doing new things, seeing that to completion, and then those studios becoming part of something bigger,” Spencer added.


In other news, Valve appears to be waiving the Havok license fee for paid mods of its games after a deal was struck with Microsoft. This means that mods that players pay for of Valve games will be more accessible to developers.

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