‘Cloud Gardens’ is leaving early access next month

The game has been in early access for almost a year

The environment puzzler Cloud Gardens will be leaving early access next month but will be getting a brand new update.

Cloud Gardens, which launched in early access September 2020 will finally receive its full release on September 1, 2021.

Along with a full release, the developer Noio Games has announced it will be getting a brand new update which will bring with it 15 new levels, 120 new objects a Freecam mode, customizable Skyboxes, a Branching Overworld Map that will weave the levels together, and more.


“We’ve been hard at work at a combination of new features, quality of life improvements, and language support, and we’re thrilled to be releasing so soon,” the developer said.

You can watch the official release date announcement trailer below:

While in early access, Cloud Gardens was “an experimental project, somewhere on the line between a game and an interactive toy”. The game has a linear campaign as well as a sandbox mode for building gorgeous dioramas filled and taking photos.

In other news, it was recently announced that indie publisher No More Robots made $12 million last year without even releasing a game.

On its fourth anniversary, the founder Mike Rose took to Twitter to share some interesting stats, saying that the publisher sold more than 800,00 units and more than 4 million people played their games.


Elsewhere, indie game Death Trash was able to recoup its development costs two weeks after launch.