Combat, leveling and open-world details for ‘Gotham Knights’ revealed

The developer has confirmed that 'Gotham Knights' will not be a live service game

Warner Bros. Games’ released a bevy of new information about Gotham Knights, its recently revealed Batman game, including its combat style, level gating and more.

In a new interview with IGN, the game’s creative director Patrick Redding and senior producer Fleur Marty answered a series of questions about what players can expect from Gotham Knights next year.

While the game isn’t being developed by Rocksteady, Redding said the combat in Gotham Knights will “be comfortable to people who are familiar with third-person brawler type experiences”. It will carry similarities to the Arkham-style brawls that gamers have come to expect, alongside newly introduced offensive and defensive choices, unique combos and variations in attack types.


Players will be able to access special moves and abilities, which are unique to the four different playable heroes in the game. “[You] have special abilities in your ability tree that you’ll unlock, and you can choose to unlock it in different ways, as well as how you use your gear,” Redding said.

The developers also touched on how enemy levels will work in the game. As players level up and progress, they’ll face a “sliding scale in terms of not just the level of the enemies, but even some of the types of enemies that you’re going to be coming up against”, according to Redding.

He went on to note that “you might see guys that are a little bit weaker than you, and guys that are a little bit stronger than you. And how you approach each of those situations, it presents you with some choices that you’re going to have to make”. Players will the have to choose their own course of action, be it an all-out assault or adopting a stealthier approach.

The game, which will be completely open-world – albeit on a smaller scale as it is set in just one city – will also not feature level gating. This means players will not have to worry about reaching a certain level to access locations on the map.

The interview also confirmed that Gotham Knights will not be a live service game. “This is very much not designed as a game-as-service. There is an ability tree, which is different for each of the characters, and then there’s gear that you craft – and so choices that you’re going to be making – but that does not mean that this is a game-as-service,” Marty commented.


Marty went on to say that the game can be a completely contained solo experience for players that don’t want to dabble in its two-player co-op gameplay, and that they won’t miss out on any content. The option to play as a duo will be completely optional.

Gotham Knights will tell a completely new story in the Batman universe, and will see players take control of Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing and Robin following the death of Batman. The game is currently scheduled for a 2021 release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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