‘Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun’ mod just got a massive update

Twisted Insurrection has been going since 2007

A long-running, critically acclaimed mod for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun just got a massive new update.

The mod, called Twisted Insurrection, has added new sub-factions, remastered cinematics and a whole lot more in its latest 0.9 update, which was released earlier this month.

“The long-awaited game update has been released, filled with hundreds of new additions, fixes, and changes,” reads the official release. “Most are bugfixes and minor QoL additions, but what we’re most excited about are the major changes which we’re highlighting below.”


One of the most exciting additions is the new sub-factions – splitting the classic Global Defence Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod into two sub-factions.

Global Defense Initiative:

  • Falcon Division: A traditional task force that relies on slow but powerful units and a defensive doctrine to expand and steamroll the enemy into submission.
  • Phoenix Regiment: After rejecting the UN verdict to diminish GDI’s influence and power, this splinter regiment was formed specifically to fight against the Brotherhood of Nod despite overwhelming odds and lack of official support. They rely on light units and hit-and-run tactics backed by long-range support.

Brotherhood of Nod:

  • Genesis Legion: Sanctioned by the Inner Circle, this faction oversees Nod’s Tiberium and cybernetic projects. They are responsible for some of Nod’s most sinister creations and are not afraid to use them against Nod’s enemies.
  • Sons of Kane: A loyalist faction that sees the use of cybernetics as antithetical to Kane’s true vision. The Sons rely on Nod’s proven guerilla and terror tactics while employing powerful new stealth units.

Some of these new factions already existed in the Tiberian Sun single-player campaign, so Twisted Insurrection makes them available for multiplayer, too. Additionally, Globotech and The Forsaken have been made fully-fledged factions.

Ditching the earlier VQA format, Twisted Insurrection also implements Bink, allowing for higher resolution and far better quality cutscenes.

There are also new music tracks, enhanced graphics and several other quality of life improvements which can all be found at the official patch release.


Twisted Insurrection version 0.9 is available now via Mod DB.

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