‘Company Of Heroes 3’ dev diary dives into the Mediterranean theatre

Why 'Company Of Heroes 3' chose to explore the war-torn Mediterranean

Relic Entertainment has released a new dev diary for Company Of Heroes 3, with developers on the title sitting down to explain why they chose to take the strategic World War 2 game to the Mediterranean theatre of war.

In the dev diary, executive producer David Littman says that early in development, players were asking for extra “variety of environments” more than anything else. Littman adds that they landed on setting Company Of Heroes 3 in the Mediterranean because “there was no other theatre in World War 2 that brings this variety”, adding that the title will be set across Italy and North Africa.

Similarly, Sacha Narine – lead missions designer – revealed that choosing the Mediterranean field of combat gave Company Of Heroes 3 a “broader palette for environmental gameplay”. Particularly in Italian areas of the game, this translates to more of a focus on fighting for high ground, which will offer advantages to players who can seize it.


“It allows for a new type of vertical height-based gameplay so we’ve got maps, environments in Company Of Heroes 3 that are more mountainous or hilly than any maps we’ve had before,” explains Narine.

In North African maps, Littman says there will be “lots more gameplay features” that will be “specific to North Africa”. Part of this fighting in this environment will involve “big tank battles where you’re flanking from miles away”, adds Littman.

There will also be “more fighting forces than ever before”, and while factions include US, UK and German forces, there will also be “battle groups from around the world” that add extra unit diversity.

Back in July, a Company Of Heroes 3 modder made it possible for fans to play Germany in the pre-alpha version.


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