‘Company Of Heroes 3’ developers share deep dive campaign video

The campaign expands upon ideas from 'Company of Heroes 2'

Developer Relic Entertainment have released a dev diary where they detailed how the campaign works in Company of Heroes 3.

With Company of Heroes 3, the team wanted to make “a big splash” with their campaign. The dynamic campaign map is designed to be replayable, and the idea stemmed from the Ardennes Assault DLC for Company of Heroes 2. For the third game, they expanded upon the idea. Relic asked fans of the series if they would be interested in a dynamic match, to which they received a resounding yes.


“The connection between that strategic campaign map and the RTS battles is really the secret sauce,” says David Littman, executive producer on Company of Heroes 3, “because it’s a natural extension of commanding the battlefield.”

Andrew Deneault, campaign map lead, explained the importance of balancing your troops, or even choosing the right troops in the first place. As well as that, you’ll need to make sure you’re planning out your usage of tanks and planes correctly.

“Chiefly, the player has to capture airfields to be able to manage an inventory of aircraft,” says Deneault. “It’s no good to have bombers and fighters if you don’t have somewhere to land and refuel. So in terms of the overall gameplay, land troops, ground troops such as campaign companies and detachments, will have to move inland, capture airfields, before managing inventory, building up inventory, purchasing aircraft, and then deploying them into battle.”

And senior campaign map designer Cameron White also noted that you’ll need to use your navy to defend the supply lines. “they’re also there to do some cool things like beach landings and to transport your companies to engage a mission or land on a beach and do a flanking maneuver,” says White.

While Company of Heroes 3 doesn’t currently have a set release date, you can sign up to potentially take part in test sessions or builds through Relic’s website.


In other news, a patch for Icarus has revived 64,000 players’ lost or dead characters.

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