‘Core Keeper’ launches The Great Egg Hunt

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Core Keeper has launched a limited-time event, with The Great Egg Hunt now live.

Starting today (April 13) and running until April 19, The Great Egg Hunt tasks Core Keeper players with finding a variety of hidden eggs. It’s the first seasonal event to ever take place within the mining sandbox adventure game.

Once players have discovered enough eggs, they’ll be able to craft a Golden Egg, “a unique item that players can keep permanently within their base to show off their egg-hunt success.”


The Golden Egg isn’t purely decorative either, with Pugstorm developers encouraging players to “experiment with an alternative use for the Golden Egg to discover its secret and unlock extra hidden bonuses.”

Core Keeper
The Great Egg Hunt – ‘Core Keeper’. CREDIT: Pugstorm/Fireshine Games

“We hope players have a lot of fun hunting for eggs and discovering the hidden purpose of the Golden Egg during The Great Egg Hunt,” said Sven Thole, CEO and animator at Pugstorm.

“As we get closer to revealing more details about Core Keeper’s first major content update, we wanted to surprise players with our first ever in-game event. This is just one of many new ideas we’ve had since the start of our journey earlier this year, and hope everyone enjoys the hunt to craft the Golden Egg!”

Since launching on Steam Early Access in March, Core Keeper has become Fireshine Games’ fastest-selling digital title of all time, selling more than 500,000 copies within its first two weeks of release. The game is also one of over 2000 titles officially verified for Steam Deck.


In other news, Bethesda has announced it will be making several games (including The Elder Scrolls: Arena and Daggerfall) available on Steam for the first time.

Back in February, Bethesda announced that it would be retiring its own launcher and moving all of the platform’s games to Steam.