Cosmically themed Astra is next agent for ‘Valorant’

Her abilities let her see the map from a new perspective

Riot Games has revealed the next agent coming to Valorant, Astra, a cosmically powered controller agent.

As Episode Two, Act Two of the competitive shooter fast approaches, Riot has released a gameplay trailer which gives a brief overview of the new operator and her abilities.

Astra, who comes from Ghana, is shown to be able to view the map from an elevated perspective befitting her cosmic abilities. In this mode she is able to place stars on the map that can be triggered later with a variety of effects.


Watch Astra’s gameplay trailer below:

The trailer also shows off Astra’s Ultimate Ability, which allows her to create a wall across the map that blocks bullets, and heavily dampens audio. A full list of her abilities can be seen below.

C – Gravity Well: Activate a Star to form a Gravity Well. Players in the area are pulled toward the centre before it explodes, making all players still trapped inside fragile.

Q – Nova Pulse: Activate a Star to detonate a Nova Pulse. The Nova Pulse charges briefly then strikes, concussing all players in its area.

E- Nebula: Activate a Star to transform it into a Nebula (smoke).


F- DISSIPATE: Use (F) on a Star to Dissipate it, returning the Star to be placed in a new location after a delay. Dissipate briefly forms a fake Nebula at the Star’s location before returning.

X- Astral Form/Cosmic Divide: Activate to enter Astral Form where you can place Stars with PRIMARY FIRE. Stars can be reactivated later, transforming them into a Nova Pulse, Nebula, or Gravity Well.

When Cosmic Divide is charged, use Secondary Fire in Astral Form to begin aiming it, then Primary Fire to select two locations. An infinite Cosmic Divide connects the two points you select. Cosmic Divide blocks bullets and heavily dampens audio.

Episode Two, Act Two of Valorant will also see the launch of a new Battlepass, which features the regular free and paid tracks, including a new range of Prism cosmetics and new emote sprays.

Last week, Riot Games announced Escalation, a brand new game mode for Valorant.

The mode offers a new, more casual way to play the game, whilst also enabling players to experiment and practice with various weapons. Players start Escalation with a powerful weapon, but as more kills are earned, these weapons are replaced with more challenging, less lethal weapons.

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