‘Crossy Road’ creator announces space western shooter ‘TombStar’

The title is being published by No More Robots

Crossy Road creator Andy Sum has announced his next project, the space western shooter TombStar.

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Out July 20 on Steam (and available to wishlist now) TombStar is inspired by classic bullet hell roguelikes including Enter The Gungeon and The Binding Of Isaac. According to a press release “this Wild Wild shooter will seriously test your gunslinging skills”.


The game’s description reads: “At the edges of the Galaxy, the Grimheart Gang have driven away every peaceful settler and claimed the whole star system to themselves. Efforts to remove them have been failures, until now. As part of an eclectic group of gunslingers, your job is to bring these criminals to justice, both for their crimes against the galaxy as well as for your own personal vengeance.”

The announcement continues: “A wide array of abilities, perks, purchases and weapons to draw from will aid you in the fight against the notorious Grimheart Gang. But you’ll need to refrain from horsing around, as each world is guarded by one of the Gang’s henchmen. Classic boss battle action, yeehaw!”

Check out the launch trailer below:

According to the press release, each run in TombStar is unique, as players discover which perks, badges and weapons work best together and the enemies change their plan of attack. “And with three different characters who each handle and play very differently, you’re never roped into a single way to play.”

“So to round it all up: Fast-paced Space Western shooter, check. Hard-as-nails bullet hell gunslinging, check. Dozens of weapons, perks and abilities to experiment with, check. Us brimming with excitement to get this dang thing out? Absolutely check.”


In other news, Blizzard Entertainment has acquired Proletariat, the studio behind battle royale game Spellbreak. The acquisition was confirmed shortly after Proletariat announced it would not longer be working on Spellbreak and that the servers would close early next year.


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