‘Crusader Kings 3’ confirms May release date for ‘Fate of Iberia’ DLC

The next 'Crusader Kings 3' downloadable content will make unifying Iberia tougher

Developer and publisher Paradox has announced the second downloadable content (DLC)  for its acclaimed 2020 grand strategy role-playing game Crusader Kings 3, titled Flavor Pack: Fate of Iberia.

This Flavor Pack will be adding additional content to the Mediterranean Iberia region, which the developer describes as being one of the game’s most popular areas to play in. In a recent dev diary, which announced the DLC, it has been explained that the geopolitical situation in Iberia during the time period of Crusader Kings 3 made it a great location to be further expanded upon.

In the DLC, players will be able to either re-enact history or create an alternate history that they find more appealing. The map has been updated with additional details, along with a cast of Iberian characters, with players being able to select different vassals using the new 867 bookmark.


Perhaps the most notable part of the DLC is the new Struggle feature. While Paradox doesn’t elaborate on the specifics, it is stated to be “changing the rules and increasing the challenge for the rulers within the Iberian peninsula”, with a single screenshot showing the feature in-game – although more will be revealed within the next dev diary.

The dev diary is also accompanied by a short animated teaser trailer, with a narration describing a brewing conflict between Christianity and Islam in the North and West. While it doesn’t show any gameplay, it sets the tone for what fans can expect. Paradox claims there will be more details to share within the coming weeks.

Crusader Kings 3: Fate of Iberia is set to release May 31 for PC and is available for purchase through Steam and the Microsoft Store. It’s available as part of the first Expansion Pass as well as a standalone purchase.

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