‘Crusader Kings 3’ is adding an inventory system for wearing artefacts

Declare war to recover your grandfather's long lost belt buckle

Paradox’s Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court DLC will add equipment slots for artefacts that degrade as you wear them.

In Crusader Kings 3’s upcoming Royal Court DLC, players will choose where to display their inherited or looted artefacts. Items can be exhibited in a player’s court or worn on their person for specific benefits. The latest developer diary goes into detail about the equipable side of the system.

A new inventory screen will allow players to see what they have equipped. Artefacts will come in five varieties: Crown, regalia, weapon, armour, and trinket. Most of these are self-explanatory, and only one of each can be equipped. The exception to this is trinkets. Players can equip up to four trinkets, and these can vary from brooches to dried flowers to a worm on a string.


Crusader Kings III Paradox Interactive Story Trailer
Crusader Kings III. Credit: Paradox Interactive

Players can view a details page for each artefact which includes the item’s abilities. This is also where players can see the durability of an object. The durability goes down the more an item is worn, so it should only be used for a true benefit. If something needs repairs, an antiquarian can be hired to your court to reforge and repair artefacts.

The details page also reveals artefacts claimants. In Crusader Kings 3, enemies can start duels or wars over lost family artefacts they want returning. This also extends to the player, allowing them to dispute any artefact they have a claim over.

Not all artefacts in Crusader Kings 3 must be earned through conquest or diplomacy. If players have the gold, they can commission an artefact from local artisans. Another option is to inspire followers who will take it upon themselves to create items.

In other news, Denuvo is causing compatibility issues with Intel’s new Adler Lake CPUs.

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