‘Crysis Remastered’ has received new release date for September

New effects have been implemented such as ray tracing reflections and 8K textures

Crytek has announced a new release date for Crysis Remastered after it was pushed back due to fan backlash.

To deliver the news, Crytek has released a new trailer outlining the improvements made. The teaser also reveals that the title will hit PS4, Xbox One and PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive on September 18.

The game was intended to launch back in July, but was postponed to allow the developer more time to enhance the graphics of Crysis Remastered. However, the game was released as scheduled in July for the Nintendo Switch.


Amongst the new enhancements includes new lighting effects, ray-traced reflections and high-quality textures capable of reaching 8K, all of which are showcased in the new trailer and compared against the game’s 2007 release.

You can see all the improvements in the trailer below:

Despite Crysis Remastered releasing on the Nintendo Switch on the intended date, the version also came with numerous upgrades. While the console doesn’t hold the same graphical prowess as its counterparts, Crytek still managed to incorporate numerous enhancements to bolster the game’s effects.

Various implementations were made including destructible environments, dynamic lighting systems, motion blur effects and new explosion details. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch version also includes gyro aiming, allowing players to use motion controls to fine-tune their aiming.


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