Crytek issues apology over ‘Hunt: Showdown’ event troubles

The Traitor's Moon event has been extended to April 18

Crytek has released an apology after the recent Traitor’s Moon event in Hunt: Showdown was plagued by a number of bugs.

The Traitor’s Moon event in Hunt: Showdown began in March, and was supposed to offer legendary skins for players that were able to grind enough points. However, the event has been filled with bugs, connectivity problems, and other issues, which result in servers being forced offline so the devs could apply hotfixes. Now, Crytek has offered an apology to players who were unable to take part in the event during the game’s downtime.

“We understand that there have been several issues that have prevented some of you from comfortably participating in the event,” reads the message posted to Twitter from the Hunt: Showdown team. “These have all been very frustrating and we understand the impact that the downtimes and issues have had for many of you.


“As of now, we are extending the event until April 18 to allow those that have been impacted by this some extra time to complete as much of the event as possible. We are also aware that some of you may have lost out on boosts due to the downtime, so we are currently in the process of determining how to best compensate for these.”

The event was originally scheduled to finish up on April 14. The Hunt: Showdown team went on to thank fans for support during the event, saying it appreciates “you sticking with us and we do apologise for any inconvenience caused by the downtime and issues encountered.”

In other news, 343 Industries has revealed the second season of Halo Infinite called Lone Wolves. The new updates brings in new maps, modes, themed limited-time events, and a new battle pass that never expires.

343 Industries also plans to add campaign co-op some time during season two, but it will not be at the start of the season like the company originally suggested.

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