Cult JRPG classic ‘Chrono Cross’ comes to Europe at last

Coming to a console near you soon

Cult classic JRPG, Chrono Cross, is making its way to European consoles for the first time.

Considered to be the spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger, an equally loved JRPG classic, Chrono Cross was never released outside of Japan and America. However, last night (February 9) at the Nintendo Direct, it was announced with a fairly imminent release date. Set for launch on April 7, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is a remaster of the cult favourite. It will feature new HD 3D models, brand new artwork and character redesign by Nobuteru Yuuki, and refined background music by Yasunori Mitsuda.

While the Nintendo Direct YouTube trailer declares that it is out for Nintendo Switch on April 7, it is also out for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


The global release also has French, German, Italian, and Spanish localisation. Players will be able to switch between the game’s original graphics and the new ones. They can also switch between pixel and HD fonts. An auto-battle mode is also included, along with the ability to switch off battles entirely.

As the name suggests, this Chrono Cross remaster also includes an officially localised version of the text adventure Radical Dreamers – something that was previously exclusive to Japan.

In recent times, Square Enix has remastered other classic JRPGs including the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection. When first launched, there were many complaints about its hideously ugly font that was hard to read. Hopefully, Chrono Cross‘s choice of fonts will solve this issue.

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