‘Cult Of The Lamb’ set to release sometime this autumn

The Devolver Digital published title channels occult horror

The Devolver Digital published Cult Of The Lamb has received a release window following its Gamescom reveal last year.

The Cult Of The Lamb release date window was revealed last week (April 28) when PlayStation tweeted it out as part of a “coming soon” video showing off indie titles. According to the video the game is set to release in autumn of this year, although no further details were given.

Also noted in the tweet is a release window for the adorable looking Stray, which has been pushed from its spring window to an unspecified summer date this year, and We Are OFK is also slated for summer.


Recently, NME got 30-minutes of hands-on experience with Cult Of The Lamb, which left us with a strong first impression. The game’s unique style – which combines the cute and cuddly with the sinister horrors of films like Midsommar and The Witch – makes it a feast for the eyes, with its genre-melding gameplay having the potential to blossom into something very intriguing.

As the name implies, players will be amassing a cult of their own in the game, recruiting comrades from dungeons and action levels, and managing a base in an RTS-style hub area.

The cults can be customised, granting a wide range of unique characteristics, with the game’s art director, James Pearmain, explaining that: “We really want to encourage players to experiment and try different things, rather than trying to make everyone happy. You get all these different kinds of traits that make followers act differently.

Cult Of The Lamb. Credit: Massive Monster.
Cult Of The Lamb. Credit: Massive Monster.

“You can make them cannibals, for example, and if you murder a follower, you can harvest that meat and feed the meat back to your followers,” adds Pearmain. “But er, they’ll be really unhappy about it unless you give them a specific cannibal trait! So, there’s always different systems working together.”


Cult of the Lamb is being developed by Massive Monster, who previously released The Adventure Pals, Unicycle Giraffe, and Never Give Up, with the latter’s penchant for blood being stylistically closest to their upcoming game.

Cult of the Lamb will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC this autumn.

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