‘Cyberpunk 2077’ mod adds expensive levels of life insurance to the game

Because hospital bills in real life weren’t bad enough were they?

A mod for Cyberpunk 2077 has added life insurance to the game, meaning that instead of dying the player just comes back to life Grand Theft Auto style.

Created by 3nvy (via PCGamesN), the “death alternative” mod is currently available on Nexus mods. It aims to create multiple new death scenarios, instead of just having the player reload a save upon death. The in-universe Trauma Team are now offering the player a Silver, Gold, or Platinum package for when their health drops to zero.

If paid for it stops players from reloading a save and has the Trauma Team treat them and put them in a hotel room until they recover. Players can activate the life insurance packages once the mod is installed by going to the doors of the Trauma Team building in Night City, with the video below showing how.


The mod is still in its early stages, but a feature adding debuffs to the player when they die – with the selected level of life insurance dictating the type and time of said debuff – is planned. Another idea is to potentially have the player go through an alternative scenario if they have no life insurance, with 3nvy writing “I’m thinking about waking [up] in the trash outside night city, with all your equipment stripped and possibly a quest to get your gear back.”

Trauma Team is a corporation in the Cyberpunk universe that specialises in premium medical services. The corporation automatically bills patients as soon as they order paramedical assistance, so this mod feels quite on brand.

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077. Credit: CD Projekt Red

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