‘Dark Alliance’ will feature multiplayer couch co-op mode after launch

“We heard you loud and clear”

The developers of Dark Alliance have announced that split-screen co-op mode will be introduced to the game after its release.

In a recent tweet and developer stream, the developers of Dark Alliance confirmed the addition of the multiplayer ‘couch co-op’ mode. The decision was made following requests from fans, who enjoyed the co-op aspect of the previous two games.


Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 both featured local co-op prominently, so fans were surprised to see the feature missing from the third game in the series. Although Dark Alliance was always planned for online co-op, the lack of a local mode was unusual.

In the tweet announcing the change, the team said that “We heard you loud and clear”, referring to the fans’ requests. Although the mode will not be implemented on launch, it will be their “main priority”.

The tweet also revealed that the first free DLC should be ready by summer. Baldur’s Gate III launched into Early Access back in October 2020 and has since been subject to a plethora of patches to address issues with saving and loading.

In recent gaming news, Obsidian’s cancelled Fallout game is being made into a New Vegas mod. The game, which had been codenamed Van Buren by now-defunct developer Black Isle Studios, was cancelled in 2003 after the studio was closed down by publisher Interplay Entertainment.

However, a group of modders have recently announced their intention to recreate the unreleased title as a “faithful” mod for New Vegas. “We will stay faithful to the original Van Buren story as much as possible,” they said on the project’s page.

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