David Cage denies allegations of toxic workplace culture at Quantic Dream

"The quotes are abhorrent, and do not reflect my views"

David Cage has commented on Quantic Dream‘s reported history of toxic workplace culture and has denied accusations of homophobia and misogyny.

Back in 2018, French publications Le Monde, Mediapart, and Canard PC published stories alleging a harmful work culture at Quantic Dream, the studio where David Cage serves as co-CEO and scriptwriter. Quantic Dream ended up suing, alleging that the reports had damaged the studio’s reputation.

In a recent interview with Edge magazine (via Eurogamer) Cage discusses the company culture at Quantic Dream, and defends its response to the allegations of a toxic workplace environment:


“When you’re accused of things that go against everything you believe in, everything you’ve done in your life, it hurts. I don’t think we had an aggressive attitude,” Cage said.

Still from Star Wars Eclipse’s cinematic trailer. CREDIT: Quantic Dream

Many of the accusations levelled at Quantic Dream as a studio were also centred on Cage himself. These included allegations of Cage making homophobic and misogynistic remarks. He denies these also, later on in the interview:

“I have never said or even thought such things. I fully understand people were shocked by seeing those words, and I am deeply sorry for the pain and confusion they have caused to women and the LGBTQA+ community. The quotes are abhorrent, and they do not reflect my views, or the views of anyone at Quantic Dream.”

Quantic Dream is currently working on Star Wars: Eclipse, a brand new narrative game set in The High Republic era, which is roughly 200 years before the well-known cinematic events of The Skywalker Saga. The studio recently responded to recent reports that said it is struggling to attract talent, saying work on three new games is going “serenely”.

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