Day Of The Devs roundup: here’s every indie game that was announced

This year's Day Of The Devs showcase was filled with delightful indie gems - catch up on everything you might have missed here

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Day Of The Devs, a collaborative showcase that is organised by Double Fine Productions and iam8bit. The event’s latest showcase was broadcast today (June 9) and was filled with a host of promising indie gems – to catch up, here’s every game that was announced at Day Of The Devs.

Planet Of Lana

During the last Summer Game Fest, Planet Of Lana received its first trailer and now, Wishfully has revealed a much more in-depth look at what fans can expect from the upcoming puzzle-adventure game, including more information on how Lana’s adorable companion will help out. Planet Of Lana is set to launch later this year for Xbox consoles and PC.

Time Flies


Revealed with a jazzy soundtrack, Time Flies is a game where players control a fly on a quest to tick things off its bucket list before it dies. Developer Michael Frei says the game’s theme explores living life to the fullest “because we are all going to die”, which means players will only have a limited amount of time to make the most of their fly’s life. Time Flies is set to launch in 2023 for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Bear And Breakfast

Created by developer Gummy Cat, Bear And Breakfast is a relaxing management simulator “where you play as a well-meaning bear trying to run a B+B in the woods”. The trailer revealed a clumsy bear trying his best to help his business take off and if that isn’t compelling enough, Gummy Cat says there is “definitely no creepy sub-plot hidden deep within the forest”. Bear And Breakfast launches this summer for PC and Nintendo Switch.

A Little To The Left

A Little To The Left is a cosy game that revolves around puzzles that need to be tidied and re-organised to solve. From peeling stickers off fruit to shuffling around the order of books on a shelf, A Little To The Left finds satisfaction in the small things – though a mischievous cat will sometimes turn up to undo your tidying efforts. Created by two-person team Max Inferno, A Little To The Left will release on Switch and PC.

Animal Well


A gorgeous metroidvania, Animal Well tasks players with exploring a surreal labyrinth brought to light in an unique pixelated art style. Developer Shared Memory has explained that while Animal Well will be designed as a game any player can complete, there will be deeper – more challenging layers to find, including puzzles that could go “unnoticed for years”.


The project of solo developer Madison Karrh, Birth is an adventure puzzle game that explores the loneliness of moving to a new city. Players will be able to create creatures with bones and organs found across the city, and can visit places like cafes, libraries and apartments to learn more about the city’s inhabitants.

Choo-Choo Charles

While Choo-Choo Charles was revealed last year, developer Two Star Games appeared on Day Of The Devs to share more on what fans can expect from the horror game. Choo-Choo Charles‘ latest look reveals how players will need to venture away from their trains on foot and face off against cultists to upgrade their train and find the means to take down train-spider antagonist Charles.

Escape Academy

As the title suggests, Escape Academy is an adventure game that drops players into a variety of creative escape rooms. From outwitting rogue AI to uncovering the way out of a mysterious study room, Escape Academy will have plenty of puzzles for players either alone or with friends when it launches on July 14.

How To Say Goodbye

Like Time Flies, How To Say Goodbye is all about death. However, in How To Say Goodbye the main character is a ghost who has already died and is on a journey to accept that. This involves puzzles that require changing each level’s shape and finding the correct tiles to slot together and create a path forward.

Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland

Viewers who watched Day Of The Devs right to the end will have spotted Little Nemo And The Guardians Of Slumberland. An adorable 2D metroidvania, developer Die Soft says the upcoming game has been inspired by old-school NES platformers and a demo is set to release this year, with a full launch planned for the last quarter of 2023.


Created by solo developer HiWarp, Naiad is a beautiful top-down adventure game that follows a water nymph on a quest to save her river from humanity’s pollution. Naiad‘s Day Of The Devs showcase featured some of the game’s incredibly pretty environments, and the game is set to launch on PC and console “by the end of this year”.

Roots Of Pacha

Inspired by Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, Soda Den’s Roots Of Pacha is a farming simulator set in the stone age. This means that players will have to discover things like irrigation, tools and domesticating animals to develop their tribe, while forming relationships with other characters and discovering their roots in a mysterious cave. A demo for Roots Of Pacha launched today.


Developer Ewoud van der Werf appeared at Day Of The Devs to showcase Schim, a 3D platformer about a shadow creature who has been separated from their human’s shadow. To get back, Schim‘s levels must be conversed by jumping between shadows – turning everyday scenes into enticing puzzles to solve.

Fox and Frog Travelers: The Demon of Adashino Island

This game was brought to Day Of The Devs by Asobu, who helps developers in Japan bring their games to western audiences. Created by Rias, Fox and Frog Travelers: The Demon of Adashino Island follows Fox as she explores Adashino Island’s bright, colourful town. However, something is amiss – and as the game’s showcase reveals, “ferocious demons” prowl the streets.

Goodbye World

Last but not least, Goodbye World is an intriguing narrative-based game from young solo developer Yo Fujii. Set to launch on Steam in 2022, Goodbye World follows Kanii and Kumad, two indie developers who face the highs and lows of trying to create a game.

That’s everything that was announced at Day Of The Devs, but there’s plenty more gaming news to catch up on from the rest of Summer Game Fest 2022 – see our roundup here.

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