‘Days Gone’ developer job listing points to new multiplayer game

We're starting to spot a trend here

Days Gone developer Sony Bend is potentially working on a multiplayer game as its next project, according to a new job listing. 

The advertisement that has fueled speculation asks for a new senior network programmer to join the Oregon-based studio. While Sony Bend doesn’t have a history of creating multiplayer titles, it does coincide with a number of recent job listings that were posted to several of PlayStation‘s studios allegedly working on multiplayer projects.

Insomniac Games was the most recent culprit of this, as the Spider-Man maker listed five positions for a “new unknown multiplayer project”.


A video detailing what a career at PlayStation could entail can be watched below:

Earlier this year, it was reported that Naughty Dog was also hiring developers to help create a new multiplayer title – specifically, looking for someone with a “robust knowledge of multiplayer action games.”

“We are seeking a senior network programmer to contribute to our development process on a AAA game,” reads the jobs description.

“This position specialises in specific areas of programming that centres around the support of low-level network issues (ex: TCP, UDP, etcetera.), multiplayer engine design/architecture, PSN platform services, digital rights management, patching and digital commerce.”

All of this seems to suggest that Sony is pushing further into the multiplayer market, though it’s unclear if this will affect its narrative single-player experiences that helped the platform holder arguably win the last generation.


Sony has been busy as of late, picking up Dutch game designer and porting specialist Nixxes Software only earlier today.

Only a few days prior did Sony announce that Housemarque, the developer behind PS5 exclusive Returnal, would officially become part of the Playstation Studios family too.