‘Days Gone’ director has no interest in a sequel: “I’ve moved on.”

Jeff Ross also spoke about a possible 'Syphon Filter' reboot

Days Gone director Jeff Ross has said he has no interest in a sequel to the apocalyptic zombie game following a viral tweet about the studio’s reaction to the game.

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Speaking at length to David Jaffe on his Gabbin + Games Podcast, Ross said “I’ve moved on. If we were going to do a Days Gone sequel with me involved, that was two years ago. I’ve moved on, done different things. I’m not fighting for that.”


Earlier this week (January 5), Ross went viral with a series of tweets about how “upper management” made the team at Bend Studios feel like the game was a “disappointment”, despite the fact it’s since gone on to rack up over 10million in sales.

Speaking on the podcast, Ross said: “One of my biggest regrets about that tweet is that people assumed I was talking shit about Ghosts Of Tsushima – I wasn’t. Sucker Punch are one of my favourite studios going all the way back to N64.”

“Everything else was me saying that when we were there, we were told constantly that the game wasn’t selling well and that’s why you’re not getting a sequel. The game is super profitable – I made a lot of royalties before I left and I walked away from a lot of royalties since. The whole point of the tweet was Sony never said what our sales were. I found that weird, especially when they were so happy when they announced Ghosts’.

Ross then went on to say any pitches about a Days Gone 2 were “dead on arrival”.


“It did get reviewed from a level right above the studio, but I don’t think it went any further than that. I think the reviews were through the lens of the first one was a train wreck in so many ways and didn’t sell awesome, so let’s keep these guys busy.”

Ross then went on to explain how the team were asked about rebooting Syphon Filter, a third person shooting game that was developed by Bend and first released in 1999. “But honestly I have zero ideas on how to reboot Syphon Filter, I was not interested in that at all,” said Ross who then admitted he had also worked on a pitch for an open world game in the Resistance universe but his bosses “weren’t interested in that either.”

Before you get too excited about the idea of a Syphon Filter reboot though, Ross also said that he didn’t think the suggestion “was ever genuine, I think it was just to keep us busy.”

Former creative director John Garvin then confirmed that he also “pitched my own Days Gone sequel but it wasn’t received well because the game wasn’t received well in early 2019. A year later, it might have been (received well), but the studio had moved on and Sony had moved on.”

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