‘DayZ’ update adds contaminated areas and new tools

New deadly areas make surviving DayZ even harder

Bohemia Interactive has released an update to the zombie survival game DayZ that adds deadly radiation zones and hunting traps.

Update 1.14 is out for DayZ. The main feature that is added is contaminated areas. These come in two types; Static and dynamic. The static kind will stay in a fixed location and deny easy access to high tier loot. The dynamic areas will be created randomly to change up the viability of sites in a moment. The trailer for the update shows some kind of airburst chemical deployment that bathes an area in deadly gas. It is unclear if there is any warning as to where these zones will hit.

The contaminated areas also provide a use for the previously added NBC (Nuclear, biological, chemical) suits that were added in a previous patch. Those who enter areas will face the “deadliest disease” in the game.


New hunting traps have also been added to DayZ. There is a larger fishnet trap, a small fish bottle trap, and a snare. According to the update page, “Each trap is capable of catching its own unique animal based on where the trap is placed and the type of bait that’s used. We’ve also added a new booby trap – the tripwire – everyone’s favourite trap to stumble over in the most unwanted situations.”

Another new addition is the LE-MAS assault rifle. This bullpup is based on the French FAMAS rifle and uses 5.56x45mm ammunition. It also uses a unique 25-round magazine.

Finally, the update has improved the helicopter crash sites. Smoke from the impact site should be more visible from longer distances. Also, each crash now makes a sound that can be heard from far away, which will alert anyone in the vicinity. There is also an increased chance of finding rare loot at crash sites.

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