‘Dead By Daylight’ launches “nightmarish” Portrait Of A Murder chapter

Flock to the spooky new chapter today

Portrait Of A Murder – the next chapter for Dead By Daylight – has launched today (November 30), adding a “surreal and nightmarish” slice of content that includes a new killer, survivor, and map.

The new killer in Portrait Of A Murder is Carmina Mora, who goes by The Artist. The Artist’s killer power is Birds of Torment, which sends flock of crows to attack and swarm survivors. The birds will damage anyone on their flightpath before continuing onward, marking any survivor’s aura if they are hit.

Portrait Of A Murder will also add Jonah Vasquez as a survivor, who is “a brilliant Mexican American CIA codebreaker”.


Outside of these new characters, there will also be a new map for survivors and killers alike to play. Called The Forsaken Boneyard, the map is an abandoned Chilean graveyard “inspired by the fascinating world of surrealist artwork”.

Creative director for Dead By Daylight, Dave Richard, said the map is “the weirdest and most nightmarish map we’ve created so far”.

There’s also several new cosmetics for players. This includes three Very Rare outfits for The Artist, The Spirit and Ghost Face. The Artist will get the Wintry Reverie outfit, The Spirit can equip the Crystalline Apparition outfit, and finally Ghost Face gets a new Icebound Phantom outfit. Each of these outfits will cost 1080 Auric Cells.

Behaviour Interactive has also confirmed that Dead By Daylight will be free on the Epic Games Store from December 2 to December 9.


In other news, a fan-made Mother 4 game has released its first trailer, and the team behind it is confident that Nintendo won’t shut it down. The trailer showcases very similar creative stylings, yet does not feature any existing IP or even the game’s original code.

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