‘Dead By Daylight’ should use alternate Pyramid Head says creator

The original Pyramid Head creator thinks 'Dead By Daylight' should feature his alternate version of the monster

Silent Hill 2 art director Masahiro Ito thinks that a different version of the game’s Pyramid Head should be in Dead By Daylight.

Ito, who was the creator of the original Pyramid Head character and a monster designer for the Silent Hill trilogy, recently discussed the character’s creation and suggested that an alternate version should be in Behaviour Interactive‘s asymmetric survival horror game (via PCGamesN).

The art director explained that since Silent Hill 2‘s Pyramid Head was created specifically to relate to the game’s protagonist James Sunderland, an alternate version should be used in Dead By Daylight since the monster only exists in James’ mind.


Ito did create a different version of Pyramid Head, one that is depicted in a dull white colour, as opposed to the original being bloody and rusted red. This version was made in response to the 2005 Silent Hill: Homecoming film, which used the original design much to Ito’s frustration, in order to appeal to the fans without breaking the lore.

The alternate version is nicknamed “White Pyramid Head” and Ito expressed on Twitter that he would “welcome” the addition to Dead By Daylight.

“Why doesn’t Dead By Daylight use White Hunter as a killer?” he asked on Twitter. “I designed this for the comic included in the OST of SH:origin/zero Japanese edition, but this was another pyramid head that was not for James originally.

“The original Pyramid Head was a character I designed for James,” added Ito. “But this [White Hunter] was another Pyramid Head that was not for James originally. To me, if the white Pyramid Head joins Dead By Daylight as a killer, it’s more than welcome, because I designed that for such a use.”

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