‘Dead By Daylight’’s new killer is a fictional K-pop star

The character was designed in collaboration with BTS producer DJ Swivel

Dead By Daylight has revealed that its next serial killer character will be a fictional K-pop star named The Trickster, also known as Ji-woon.

The new character was announced in an exclusive reveal to IGN. Ji-woon’s character will be introduced in the game’s upcoming season, which is being dubbed All-Kill.

All-Kill’s survivor will also be a new character – Yun-jin Lee, a music producer at the fictional Mightee One record label. The upcoming season’s K-pop theme was designed by Behaviour Interactive in collaboration with K-pop group U-KISS’ Kevin Woo and producer DJ Swivel, who is best known for his work with BTS.


Ji-woon is a disgruntled K-pop star with a taste for murder after bring recruited into fictional boyband NO SPIN. Following his recruitment by Yun-jin, Ji-woon grows jealous of his bandmates, and “intentionally let his bandmates die in a fire accident”.

Following the “accident”, Yun-jin attempted to rebrand Ji-woon’s career under a new solo act called The Trickster. Ji-woon then started kidnapping and killing people, and sampled their screams into his music in secret.

Dead By Daylight – All-Kill
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

His secret was eventually picked up by label executives, and he retaliated by kidnapping and murdering members of the board. His next target is Yun-jin, whose survival will be dependent on players in Dead By Daylight.

While an official release date for the upcoming season of Dead By Daylight has not been announced, Behaviour Interactive has announced that the All-Kill levels can be played now via a Public Test Build (PTB) on Steam.

In recent Dead By Daylight news, a colourblind mode for the game was announced in January following controversy sparked by Ethan Larson, Behaviour Interactive’s lead programmer.


“It’s getting really boring just blabbing about colourblind mode all the time, we’ve heard it a million times, we know, continuing to badger us about it isn’t going to change anything,” Larson said in response to a viewer question about when a colourblind mode will be implemented.

Behaviour Interactive has since announced that the much-requested mode is in development and will release “soon” although a firm date was not announced.