‘Dead Cells’ is testing optional difficulty tweaks ahead of its third birthday

Optional tweaks will let players take it easy

Motion Twin’s roguelike Dead Cells is celebrating its third birthday on August 6. To celebrate, several difficulty options are being tested on the alpha branch.

Dead Cells’ new difficulty options are designed to allow new and returning players to hone their skills and gain a better sense of what the game will throw at them. These new tweaks will be entirely optional so those who enjoyed the challenge won’t feel short-changed.

The tutorial knight has opened a new space in the hub. This training area will allow players to practice against any enemy that they have already faced. Players simply need to find the statue of the foe they want to challenge and activate them to trigger an instant duel. You can also go up against all but one of the game’s bosses to hone your strategies.


To allow players to see areas of the game they may not have reached due to the difficulty, new super powerful aspects have been added. These optional buffs can be equipped at the start of a run and make the game much easier. However, while these aspects are active players cannot unlock new boss cells or flawless boss achievements.

A new world map has also been added that allows players to see all the biomes they’ve discovered. Players can also evaluate their routes through the map and see how they all connect. This should allow for greater foresight when making run attempts.

To access the alpha branch, players need to log into Steam and navigate to their library. Here, they should right-click on Dead Cells and click “properties”. In the betas tab, there should be a drop-down list. When players select the “Alpha – not for the faint-hearted” tab and close the window, they should see a download begin.

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