‘Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea’ DLC launching early 2022

A trailer, two new late-game biomes, a boss, and even a new ending!

A new DLC for Dead Cells called The Queen and the Sea is dropping in early 2022.

Officially set for Q1 2022, this downloadable content will apparently finish “the path started with The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls, giving a new ending to the game”. It will also feature a new boss, likely the titular Queen, and one of the biomes “is definitely not the standard-issue Dead Cells level that you know and love”.

You can see a trailer for the DLC below, and Motion Twin have noted that free updates, like the recent crossover with six other indie games, will continue for another year “at the very least”.


According to a Steam blog post, the two new biomes are the Infested Shipwreck and the Lighthouse, these will run parallel to the High Peak Castle and Throne room levels, meaning the Hand of the King is no longer the final challenger of a run (unless you got further, of course).

There will also be a new “not-so-cuddly pet”, more enemies and weapons, and some other exclusives to the DLC as well. As the released screenshots also show, the player character can even wield a shark.

The post adds: “After the DLC that is exactly what we’ll be doing – releasing more free stuff! And we’ll continue to do that for at least another year. There’s already a good chunk of content planned and being worked on right now with some fresh ideas in play, so you shouldn’t be getting bored with us anytime soon.”

Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea will cost £4.49 ($4.99 USD) and release early 2022, and is being developed by Motion Twin subsidiary Evil Empire.


In other news, Take-Two Interactive abandoned a trademark dispute earlier this year with Hazelight Studios over the latter’s game It Takes Two.

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