Dead characters have been spotted in ‘Yakuza 6’ ghost selfies


Yakuza 6 players have recently made a terrifying discovery, as ghostly apparitions began showing up in the background of camera photos.

A Reddit user posted a photo with the caption “why’s this figure appearing everytime I take a selfie with mama?” The photo showed protagonist Kiryu taking a selfie in the New Serena bar, with the ghost of a dead friend photobombing at an angle.

Umm… guys, why’s this figure appearing everytime I take a selfie with mama? from yakuzagames


Fans have since discovered this is the face of Akira Nishikiyama, a former friend of Kiryu’s who later became an enemy. He is just one of many of Kiryu’s comrades who died during the course of the Yakuza games, and who can be “summoned” through these creepy images.

For Yakuza fans wanting to conjure these images on purpose, they must first find photo cards scattered around Kamurocho. There are ten to collect, and after visiting the location shown on each one, players can take a photo with the ghostly apparition.

One player has even made a guide to each location, to help others find that perfect photo opportunity. Once the location has been found, players must wait for their controller to vibrate slightly, signalling a presence, and then take a photo at that moment to get the shot.

In other news, Alice series creator American McGee has released a “full narrative outline” of the long-awaited Alice: Asylum on Patreon.

He also tweeted back in July that the return of Dead Space may get fans a little closer to seeing Alice: Asylum. “While I (and Alice fans) would have liked the next EA horror project to be a new ‘Alice’ game… this does at least move us forward in line,” he said.