‘Dead Space’ developer livestream to premiere this week

‘Crafting The Tension’ will offer a deep dive into various aspects of the upcoming game’s art design

EA Motive has confirmed another developer livestream for Dead Space, set to air later this week.

Taking place Thursday (May 12) the Crafting The Tension stream will, according to a press release “offer a deep dive into various aspects of the upcoming game’s art design”

The stream will be available to watch on the official Dead Space YouTube channel as well as Motive’s Twitch channel at 6pm BST (7pm CET).


During the presentation, the team at Motive will show fans early footage of how they’re leveraging the Frostbite engine, Gen 5 hardware and PCs to visually evolve and remake the original Dead Space’s environments, characters, VFX, lighting and more from the ground up to create a new level of immersion and quality for today’s modern audiences.

The remake of 2008’s Dead Space is set to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

March’s developer livestream revealed that Dead Space should be released in early 2023 as well as exploring how the team is improving the audio of the original game.

“We want to make sure that we’re in a place where the game we’re gonna deliver is gonna be delivering on the expectations of fans,” explained Dead Space remake senior producer Philippe Ducharme.

Last August, EA Motive showed off early pre-production footage of the game. It highlighted some of the changes and improvements being made, including improved dismemberments within the game.


EA Motive has been asking for feedback from fans at every step of development and earlier this year, it was confirmed it had changed the sound effects tied to the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle weapons in the Dead Space remake following comments from fans.

In other news, original Live A Live director Takashi Tokita has revealed that the upcoming remake for Nintendo Switch has taken his team three years to create.