‘Dead Space’ fans think “indecipherable” in-game message points to future remakes

Text found in a New Game+ log seemingly refers to events in 'Dead Space 2' and '3'

Dead Space fans believe that an “indecipherable” unlockable New Game+ log suggests that future remakes are on the way.

EA Motive’s Dead Space remake launched last week, updating the 2008 game and adding an alternative ending.

It also features a New Game+ mode, which unlocks after completing the game for the first time. The New Game+ mode gives players access to a more challenging version of Dead Space, with more advanced enemies and a series of special collectables. It also adds a number of logs, which provide further backstory to the Dead Space storyline.


However one of these “indecipherable” logs suggests future remakes could be released.

Made up of a unique series of Dead Space hieroglyphs, the log has already been translated by fans who believe the opening paragraph [“They walk in white, untouched by red. They order the living, they shepherd the dead”] refers to the Oracles, a mysterious cult found in the Dead Space 2 downloadable content, Severed.

Reddit users have gone on to suggest that the second paragraph [“A finger’s touch – we’re frozen still. They are the answer, they are the will”] nods to Dead Space 3’s frozen planet  Tau Volantis.

Another New Game+ log refers to Sprawl, a space station from Dead Space 2.

Dead Space 2 was originally released in 2011, with a third game coming in 2013.


While nothing has been confirmed, the Dead Space remake has been met with largely positive reviews. In a four-star review, NME wrote:  “EA Motive’s remake of Dead Space does most of what you’d hope for, massively improving the game’s visual quality and improving certain mechanics like zero-g, while retaining the frantic combat and lightning-paced story of the original. Your mileage may vary on the changes to the story, but it feels for the most part like the Dead Space you remember.”

To celebrate the release, Epic Games confirmed a Dead Space crossover in Fortnite, with Isaac Clark now available as a playable character.

In other news, Second Dinner Studios has confirmed that Marvel Snap is set to get its long-awaited multiplayer battle mode later today (January 31).

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