‘Dead Space’ remake is now Steam Deck Verified

A "proton hotfix" was released earlier this week

EA Motive’s Dead Space remake now works perfectly on the Steam Deck, and has been verified for the platform by Valve.

Dead Space was released last week (January 27) but didn’t work on the Steam Deck. However, one Proton developer has now released a “Proton Hotfix update with a fix for the Dead Space map issue.”

“It also addresses a minor performance issue where the game’s usage of Variable-Rate Shading was being ignored,” they confirmed on Twitter.


Testing the game out on the Steam Deck following the patch, Polygon reported that the Dead Space remake is now “very playable” on the platform.

Following the patch, Valve has confirmed that Dead Space is now Steam Deck Verified, meaning it’s met a strict set of criteria relating to performance and graphics.

In a four-star review, NME wrote:  “EA Motive’s remake of Dead Space does most of what you’d hope for, massively improving the game’s visual quality and improving certain mechanics like zero-g, while retaining the frantic combat and lightning-paced story of the original. Your mileage may vary on the changes to the story, but it feels for the most part like the Dead Space you remember.”

Following the release of the game, fans believe that Motive is looking to remake Dead Space 2 and 3 after translating an “indecipherable” log in the new, New Game+ mode.

However, composer Trevor Gureckis believes it would make “a whole lot of sense” for EA Motive to start looking at a brand new Dead Space 4 game.


“Doing a remake makes sense to refresh everyone’s minds,” he said before adding that “pushing it forward to Dead Space 4 would be super fun.”

In other news, Bethesda has confirmed that its upcoming vampire shooter Redfall will launch with Denuvo and require a “persistent online connection” to play, even within its single-player mode.

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