‘Death Stranding’ cosplay video recreates the entire game

IRL Stranding

A Death Stranding cinematic cosplay video shows off what the game would look like in real life, and it’s seriously impressive.

A Japan-based production studio called Rescue the Princess! recently uploaded a showcase video that recreates the main character and world of the Kojima Productions 2019 title (thanks, Kotaku).

The ‘Death Stranding: Cosplay Cinematic‘ starts off by showing a scene with a black sand beach as well as someone portraying the role of Sam Bridges, inspired by the very first cinematic announcement trailer the game received back in 2016.


The showcase goes on to show the cosplayer wearing Sam’s iconic travelling gear, including the suit, sunglasses, and cap, as well as the packages the player carries on their back throughout the course of the game. Not to mention the BB pod.

You can watch the cosplay cinematic below:

The whole video was shot on the island of Oshima, which lies off the coast of Japan and it looks like the perfect real-life setting for Death Stranding‘s environments.

This cinematic cosplay showcase is just one of many that Rescue the Princess! has uploaded. In the past, the studio has created several videos inspired by popular video games and anime, such as Genshin Impact and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Meanwhile, Kojima Productions recently announced a Death Stranding Director’s Cut which is set to release exclusively on PS5 on September 24. The game includes the base game and comes with plenty of extra content, such as new story missions, improved combat, new weapons, and more.


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