‘Deathloop’ gets a confirmed release date with action-packed new trailer

Its date was originally leaked on the PlayStation Store

Arkane Studios has announced the official release date for Deathloop, delivering an action-packed new trailer showcasing the game in action.

Store listings for the game appeared yesterday (November 11), referencing a release date of May 21, 2021. The company has now confirmed the leaked date to be true, arriving on PS5 and PC on the same day. A standard edition and deluxe edition will be available, the latter coming bundled with various in-game weapons and skins.

The trailer demonstrates the developer’s signature art style previously seen in games such as Dishonored, whilst also diving into the visceral action players can undertake. Some of the game’s supernatural abilities, such as teleporting, are also shown.


Check out the release date trailer below:

Multiple pre-order bonuses are available for players who pre-order Deathloop. Amongst the selection is a unique weapon known as the Royal Protector Machete, inspired by Dishonored. Other bonuses include the ‘Storm Rider’ character skin for protagonist Colt, and an equippable trinket which provides an in-game buff. The PlayStation Store is also showing a 10 per cent discount for PlayStation Plus members.

Deathloop is intended to be a PS5 console exclusive, however, the trailer states that the game will “not be available on other consoles until 1 year after release date”, suggesting an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the pipeline.

Arkane Studios is soon to be acquired by Microsoft, following confirmation that the company is purchasing Bethesda and other owned companies. However, Xbox head Phil Spencer has already stated that it plans to honour the game’s exclusivity period.

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