‘Deathloop’ has gone gold ahead of September release on PS5 and PC

Almost time to break the loop

Arkane Studios has confirmed that Deathloop has gone gold.

The announcement came via the official Deathloop Twitter account yesterday, adding “Get ready to break the timeloop on September 14!”

The highly anticipated time-looping first-person shooter had already been delayed multiple times, including earlier this year when the developer delayed its May launch to September, explaining that it was committing to quality “while ensuring the health and safety of everyone at Arkane”.


The term for a game going gold refers to a game’s final master copy, usually a gold disc, that is ready to be shipped for retail. While this doesn’t reflect the age of digital distribution and doesn’t rule out potential bugs and issues that can be resolved with a day one or post-release patch, it’s nonetheless assuring for fans that Deathloop will not suffer any further delays.

Deathloop will release on PC and PS5 as a console exclusive, as Microsoft had said it will honour Bethesda‘s timed exclusivity deals it struck with Sony before its acquisition, which also includes Ghostwire: Tokyo, which has since been delayed into early 2022.

A small print on a recent gameplay trailer however indicates that this timed exclusivity will be only until September 14, 2022, which could mean Xbox Series X|S owners should be able to play Deathloop after this date, and presumably via Xbox Game Pass.

So far, all new first-party Xbox titles are confirmed as coming to the subscription service from day one, which includes Bethesda’s own Starfield.


Unfortunately, other games are continuing to face delays. Most recently, Saber Interactive has announced that Evil Dead: The Game has been delayed until February 2022.

Amazon’s MMO New World has also been delayed from its August release, albeit only until September in order to give the game some more polish following feedback from its closed beta.