‘Deceive Inc.’ is a spy game about competing with your co-workers

"Deceive, ambush, extract" is the aim of this game - but your boss isn't counting on you to do the job

The world premiere for Deceive Inc. has revealed a multiplayer spy game where players must race against their fellow spies to complete objectives before they do, using social stealth, gunplay and gadgets.

The first trailer for Deceive Inc. was shared during the PC Gaming Show 2022 today (June 12) and demonstrates the lengths that players will have to go to in order to complete a contract before their rival co-workers do.

“Disguise as anyone, deploy an arsenal of high-tech gadgets or neutralize the competition. As long as you extract with the objective, no trick is too dirty when you work for Deceive Inc,” shares a Steam page.


The page also notes that players will be able to create custom loadouts using “a plethora of highly versatile gadgets”, assume the guise of other characters within each level, and play as different spies “each with their own unique weapon and skillset”.

Some of these gadgets appeared in Deceive Inc.‘s first trailer, including an inflatable bouncy balloon and a prop hunt-style device that allows players to disguise their character as a potted plant. You can watch the trailer below:

“Infiltrate sprawling locations filled with people to suspect, electronics to hack, restricted areas to trespass in and windows to jump from. How you get inside the vault and steal the objective is entirely up to you… and all the rival spies who will stop at nothing to beat you to it. No pressure,” adds the game’s Steam page.

Deceive Inc. has no release date on the cards just yet, though you can wishlist the game on Steam now.

It’s been a good week for PC fans – besides newly-announced games such as Deceive Inc, several games including Persona 5 and The Last Of Us are set to make their first appearance on the platform.

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