Deceptively dark zoo builder ‘Let’s Build A Zoo’ launches in November

Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chickow?

Let’s Build A Zoo will launch on November 5 for PC and will allow fans to delve into the darker side of scientific experimentation and black market dealings with their zoo.

While Let’s Build A Zoo will let players do all of the usual Zoo Tycoon-esque gameplay – building enclosures, attracting tourists and growing their zoo – the game will also offer much darker options to pursue success (thanks, EuroGamer).

This includes the ability to dabble at DNA splicing, allowing players to “stitch together over 300,000 different types of animal” and create some incredibly weird animal hybrids. Over on the Steam page, Let’s Build A Zoo listed “the majestic Giraffephant” and “the peaceful PandOwl” as just two of the “monstrosities and oddities” that players can create.


Outside of genetic experimentation, players will also be able to “decide whether you want to run your zoo above board…or break the law and pocket the extra cash”. This involves the opportunity to participate in a black market to purchase some under-the-counter animal breeds and exhibits, as well as some other suspiciously unethical decisions.

Day-to-day zoo management will also involve choosing how to treat workers at the establishment, as there’s the choice to overwork them and expose them to dangerous conditions.

However players choose to run their zoo, the game will offer “over 500 different animals” to exhibit and splice, as well as “hundreds of buildings, foliage, path and enclosure decorations” to customise the zoo.

Let’s Build A Zoo is being developed by Springloaded and is available to wishlist via its Steam page.


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