Deckbuilding RPG ‘Xenotheria’ set for a 2022 release

A Kickstarter campaign begins today

Ganymede Games has announced that its story-driven deckbuilding RPG Xenotheria will be released in early access in Q4 2022.

Xenotheria takes place on a planet called Wolf Prime, a sprawling desert planet that’s home to the galaxy’s most important trading port. As the game’s synopsis reads: “A seemingly ordinary day quickly turns chaotic after a mysterious, cataclysmic event. What follows can only be described as a shower of spaceships, satellites and orbital stations raining down havoc on the innocent souls of Wolf Prime.”

The events of Xenotheria play out in the immediate aftermath of the ship-raining apocalypse. Squiggles, often known for shying away from the spotlight, takes centre stage in Xenotheria.


During his adventures, Squiggles will meet diverse and unique characters (some who can join the players’ party), explore biomes, salvage once-orbiting ships for new gear, and solve puzzles to earn powerful new cards.

You can check out the official Kickstarter trailer below:

Gameplay in Xenotheria fuses isometric exploration, similar to Divinity: Original Sin and Pathfinder, with customizable deckbuilding. The game’s combat offers players environmental tactical advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, derelict ships with debris create opportunities to take cover while utilizing elemental attacks like “spraying fire on an oil spill.” The combination of deck management and grid-based movement provides players with everything they need for battle.

Xenotheria is launching a Kickstarter campaign today (November 16) and will offer players the chance to see additional new game footage and grab some exclusive rewards, including a 7inch Squiggles statue.


Ganymede also confirmed that the development team has scaled up since its initial origin, with added developers who worked on Witcher: Thronebreaker Tales.

In other news, following reports of censored player names in Forza Horizon 5, Microsoft has confirmed it will make changes.

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