‘Demon’s Souls’ elusive secret door finally opens

It was worth the wait

A secret locked door in the Demon’s Souls remake has finally been opened, after a huge campaign of fan attempts unveiled a unique item.

Earlier in the week, Demon’s Souls fans were heartened by a close attempt at unlocking the mystery door that appears only in the remake. The community came together on Reddit to brute force this door, utilising every in-game item at their disposal.

After it became apparent that attacking the door with weapons or merely paying it to open wasn’t going to work, speedrunner Distortion2 managed to scale the surrounding walls. He came closer than ever to revealing the truth, but was prohibited by invisible walls from picking up the item.


Finally, after a lengthy search, the key to unlocking the door has been found, and it seems it was worth the wait. Upon completing the game you can replay in Fractured Mode, a New Game Plus that mirrors the world. In this flipped reality, players can collect ceramic coins – an item that is crucial to the unlocking of this door.

Ceramic coins cannot be replicated in the game, breaking if the player tries to exploit them in any way. This led fans to believe there to be a defined amount of them in the game world, and the reason behind this to be linked to the mystery door.

The method required to retrieve the key is massively difficult but is at least a proven possibility. Players must first complete the game and begin again, trading 25,000 souls with the statue in the Nexus to unlock Fractured Mode. You must then get your World Tendency to Pure White or Pure Black, collect 25 ceramic coins, and survive long enough to trade them for a key. This key will then fit the elusive door, gifting the player a Penetrator boss armor set. This set includes a helmet, cuirass, gauntlets, and greaves.


In a happy twist, speedrunner Distortion2 who came so close last time, was the one to unlock the door on livestream.

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