‘Demon’s Souls’ might be making its way to PlayStation 4

'Demon's Souls' launched in 2020 after the PS5

The PS5 exclusive remake of Demon’s Souls is supposedly coming to PS4, according to a PlayStation database leak.

Today (June 17) PlayStationSize, a Twitter account that’s known to uncover leaked PlayStation database information, shared a new post suggesting that the RPG will be coming to PS4 consoles.

The account confirms that it found a PS4 remake version in the database, however the post also mentions that the version “can be cancelled, can be release(d) soon” or “can be small test version for developers.”


As spotted by GamesRadar, another Twitter user in the reply also stated that the game already had a content ID for the PS4 but was for the digital art book that can be downloaded on the console.

Of course, Sony has yet to confirm any rumour that the game is coming to PS4, so right now it seems to be speculation.

Bluepoint Games Demon’s Souls released last year after the launch of the PS5 and is a remake of the PS3 2009 title from developer FromSoftware.

During Summer Game Fest 2021, a surprise announcement from FromSoftware revealed a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Elden Ring. The trailer showed off the first gameplay footage of the open-world fantasy setting, along with several enemies and traversal mechanics.

FromSoftware also confirmed that Elden Ring is set to launch on January 21, 2022.


Elsewhere, new Elden Ring details have been revealed including multiple endings, easier summoning and deeper character customisation.

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