Denuvo was reportedly slowing down ‘Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider managed to achieve an extra 30fps without Denuvo

Recent reports allege that Shadow Of The Tomb Raider has received a notable increase in performance since Denuvo anti-piracy DRM was removed.

After Square Enix removed Denuvo from the two most recent Tomb Raider games, DSOG has reported that Shadow Of The Tomb Raider runs much better without the controversial software.

During benchmark tests ran across versions of the game with and without Denuvo, DSOG found that on the highest settings there were small improvements in performance without Denuvo.


However, running the game on the lowest settings – again, on both versions – resulted in a larger improvement of 17fps in average framerates for the Denuvo-free copy.

Once Hyper-Threading (a CPU feature that allows games to execute multiple tasks at once) was disabled, the copy of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider with Denuvo enabled was slower than the Denuvo-free version by an entire 30fps.

Tomb Raider
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. Credit: Square Enix

Denuvo is unpopular among PC gamers, as there have been frequent reports that the anti-piracy software is to blame for dragging down performance in PC games. Earlier in the year, hackers alleged that Denuvo – in combination with Capcom‘s own DRM – was the cause for major stuttering issues in Resident Evil Village.

This proved true – as a result, Capcom quickly released a patch that was meant to optimise the DRM software to have less of an impact.

This month, a slew of games – several from Square Enix alone – have removed Denuvo.


Last week (October 18), new documentation provided by Intel suggested that its next generation of Adler Lake CPU’s may have compatibility issues with DRM software.

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