‘Destiny 2’ buffs several “under-utilised” weapons in latest update

High-impact auto rifles, lightweight bows and multiple exotic weapons have all been improved

Bungie has confirmed that several “under-utilised” weapons have been buffed in the latest update for Destiny 2.

Announcing the upgrades in the latest This Week At Bungie newsletter, an associate designer on the Sandbox team explained that “we moved a good bit of the balance changes from Season 18 forward to the mid-Season patch of Season 17, so this will be a bit lighter of a weapons-Sandbox TWAB than usual. That being said, there are still some changes we’re really excited about.”

Both high-impact auto rifles and lightweight bows have been buffed for PvE battles because devs “felt they could still use a bit of love”.


Scout rifles will now cause 10 per cent more damage to minor enemies while all non-sunset high-impact auto rifles have had their base stability stat increased by 6-12, depending on the weapon. Elsewhere the lightweight bow now has a shortened draw time and an increased perfect draw window.

The stats of hand cannons, glaives, breech grenade launchers and heavy grenade launchers have also been buffed.

The latest update also updates the perk pools for Dares Of Eternity weapons.

Elsewhere, the likes of Dead Man’s Tale, Collective Obligation and Lord Of Wolves have all been reworked. “Lord of Wolves has long been a thorn in the side of PvP players, especially when paired with certain Exotic armor pieces. We have changed the amount of ammo it starts with, and reduced the damage dealt to players. This is part one of a larger rework aimed at making it a more viable PvE Exotic without increasing its effectiveness in PvP,” reads the patch notes which also confirm a starting ammo reduction alongside a decrease in burst size and burst delay.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie.


Check out the full patch notes here.

Last month, Bungie announced it will be airing a Destiny 2 broadcast on August 23, which may go on to reveal the next expansion: Lightfall.

In other news, Destiny 2 cheat site Aimjunkies has claimed it made the game more popular, hitting back at accusations from Bungie that it has caused “grievous harm” to the title.

It comes after the Destiny 2 developer refiled a lawsuit against the site, after the first one was dismissed.

At the beginning of August, Bungie’s top lawyer said that taking legal action against cheaters is “good business” following a string of high-profile court battles.