‘Destiny 2’ expansions could soon arrive to Xbox Game Pass for PC

Some Guardians were feeling left out

A Windows icon spotted by fans has convinced many that Destiny 2 expansions will be arriving to Xbox Game Pass for PC in the next season.

An image showing a Destiny 2 lobby has been picked up as evidence that the next season of Destiny 2 will bring the game – and all paid expansions – to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

As spotted by Twitter account DestinyNews+, nearby players are marked with an icon displaying which platform they’re playing from. While the usual icons are there – Xbox, Playstation, Stadia and Steam – there is also notably a Windows icon attached to one of the players.


Fans believe that this represents the user playing from Xbox Game Pass for PC, a subscription service that allows users to play any game on the catalogue without purchasing the game itself. Destiny 2‘s paid expansions are currently only available for console users of the Game Pass service.

As the account points out, Xbox has previously stated that it has plans to bring Destiny 2‘s expansions to the platform. Back in July 2020, the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account said “we’re working with Bungie to bring Destiny 2 expansions with Xbox Game Pass for PC later in 2021.”

With the appearance of that Windows icon – and it’s now also the latter half of 2021 – it’s likely that Destiny 2 expansions could soon be available for PC subscribers of Xbox Game Pass.

This follows news from earlier in the week, where Bungie announced that the transmog system would be changed in the hopes that players will be able to earn their 10 Synthweave (per class) faster and have some more space free in the consumables inventory slot.


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