‘Destiny 2’ players are missing the season’s biggest cutscene because other people are skipping it

Bungie has asked players not to skip the final cutscene

Destiny 2 players are struggling to watch a cutscene that concludes over six months of Season Of The Lost story content, due to some players choosing to skip it for their entire party.

Yesterday (February 15), Season of the Lost – which started in August 2021 – finally got its conclusion in the form of a mission called Exorcism.

However, several issues are causing players to miss out on the final cutscene of this mission. This is a big problem for many fans, as not only does the cutscene conclude seven months of story developments, it also sets the stage for Destiny 2‘s Witch Queen expansion which launches on February 22.


One of these issues involves the fact that any member of the player’s party can choose to skip this cutscene for everyone. This means that if any player who has been randomly matchmade with the group doesn’t want to see the cutscene, they can skip it and take everyone with them. When this happens, the game just cuts to black and returns players to the main menu.

Yesterday, Bungie clarified that it is “investigating reports of issues with the Exorcism mission and quest”. Several hours later, the studio asked that players “don’t skip the final cutscene” and warned that progression can be blocked by “moving too quickly on the Bridge encounter.”

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie has shared that the game will get more “than any other year before” in 2022. On the upcoming Witch Queen expansion, assistant game director Robbie Stevens said “it’s one of the most ambitious releases we’ve ever put together and the team is firing on all cylinders.”

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