‘Destiny 2’ players are turning gold for childhood cancer awareness month

"It would be awesome to see a tower of gold titans, hunters and warlocks"

Destiny 2 players are banding together and applying gold shaders to their armour sets in support of childhood cancer awareness month.

The showing of support started when one player posted on Dadstiny, a Facebook group for Dads who play Destiny.

“May 2, 2020 my family and I lost my oldest to Ewings Sarcoma, an aggressive Paediatric Cancer,” he wrote. “The September before losing her, was the first time I started asking those of you who would, to go gold for the month of September as it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness month and gold is the colour associated with it.


The original post continued: “No monetary gains here, just a supportive gesture asked by one dad to others. So I am asking again if you would, my fellow dads and Guardians to please join me and go gold for the month of September. It would be awesome to see a tower of gold titans, hunters and warlocks.”

The post has since been shared across Twitter and Reddit, with many players pledging their support and turning their guardians gold.

“This kind of popped off and I just wanted to say that I’m really impressed and heartened by the Destiny community,” said streamer Anne Munition, who shared the original post. “Y’all are so sweet. Thank you for sharing all your golden guardian photos with me.“

For gold-based fashion advice, head to the Destiny Fashion reddit, and to donate to the Teenage Cancer Trust, head here.

In other news, Ninja, the owner of the most followed channel on Twitch, has announced he is taking a “break”.


Earlier this month, Twitch changed its partner agreement to allow streamers more flexibility over which rival platforms they could use.

It comes as another top Twitch streamer Pokimane confirmed she was taking a step back from the platform, and will be focusing on other social media sites like TikTok and Instagram.