‘Destiny 2’ players have kept the Xur vendor hostage for two days

Let's trap an NPC for a god roll weapon, that'll end well

Players kept a Destiny 2 vendor from leaving for two days so that they could acquire a highly sought after weapon.

Destiny 2 has a unique vendor named Xur. He only shows up on Fridays and has special offers that players take advantage of to fill out their powerful weapons collections. However, he is only around until Tuesday, at which point he disappears.

Some Destiny 2 players have found a way to keep him around a little longer (as reported by PCGamer). Since his inventory rotates the same as any other vendor, keeping him around can provide access to a handful of bonus offerings.


A Redditor named Hatenotechlab is currently believed to be the player who forced Xur to stay and discovered a potent weapon by forcing them to do so.

Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie

To keep Xur around, a player must load into the tower before he is supposed to disappear. They can then stay there for as long as possible, which will prevent the instance from disappearing. Xur only leaves once instances are refreshed, so by keeping the instance alive, Xur can extend his stay among the guardians.

The reason a player would want to do this is because Xur stock recently updated with Legendary weapons. These weapons are different because they can roll random perks, making finding the perfect version (or “god roll”) very difficult. Xur was selling a True Prophecy hand cannon with Rangefinder and Times Payload as its perks on this particular occasion. According to light.gg, a Destiny community site for comparing weapon stats, this roll of True Prophecy is the best you could hope for in PVP situations.

Many players would jump into the instance and stay as long as possible to ensure the weapon stayed available. In the end, the community managed to keep Xur around for an extra two days before the perks on the weapon changed.


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