‘Destiny 2’ players won’t be punished for “Frankengun” bugs

Bungie did not punish those using the overpowered guns

Over the weekend, Bungie squashed the bug that was letting Destiny 2 players create the most blisteringly game-breaking guns to burn through bosses.

Fondly named “Frankenguns” by fans, these guns are able to attach perks that should have been restricted to specific classes of weapon. For example, a shotgun frame could be placed on an automatic rifle, or a grenade launcher perk could be added to a fusion rifle, or two copies of Eager Edge could be put on a sword.

All of these combinations cause ridiculous effects – a rifle that instantly eliminates enemies due to a decreased time to kill, a rifle that can kill in one shot from miles away and a sword that propels players across the levels in no time at all.


Interestingly, Bungie didn’t divvy out sanctions for those using these overpowered weapons in Grandmaster Nightfall and Trials Of Osiris. “We’re aware of an issue that allows specific weapon perks to be crafted into other legendary weapons and are investigating a fix, which will result in these weapons being reset in the future,” said Bungie on September 15.

'Destiny 2'
‘Destiny 2’. CREDIT: Bungie

“We currently don’t have any plans to disable Trials of Osiris due to this issue. Per our ban policy, players who discover an exploit will not receive any in-game restriction or ban. However, the use of external scripting and network manipulation tools are still bannable offenses and subject to security review,” it concluded.

The developer then rolled out a two pronged fix plan. The first prevented players from equipping crafted weapons and the second defaulted all of the crafted weapons, such as “Osteo Striga, Revision Zero, Dead Man’s Tale, Dead Messenger, Vexcalibur, and all three Exotic class glaives” with “illegitimate” components.

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