‘Destiny 2’ to get old raids and dungeons through new weekly rotator

The new weekly rotations should drop with Season 17 this May

Bungie has announced that it will be introducing a new rotator system that will bring old raids and dungeons back into play for Destiny 2

In Bungie’s weekly blog post (via PC Gamer), the developer revealed that the new system is divided into seasonal and weekly challenges, and it will let players revisit some of the game’s older content.

“We’ve heard your desire for reasons to return to previously released raid and dungeon content loud and clear,” wrote Bungie in the blog. “One way we’re freshening up the raid and dungeon experience in Destiny 2 is by developing a new rotation of featured content that we think you’ll like starting in Season 17.”


The reason Bungie is doing this is to make raid and dungeon content “a bit more enticing” over the duration of a season, as well as providing players with more ways to play with friends and clanmates.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Credit: Bungie

According to the blog post, each season the newly released raid and dungeon will provide players with Pinnacle rewards for all encounters. Bungie provided an example of how this will work, explaining how Vow of the Disciple and an upcoming redacted dungeon in Season 17 will provide these rewards. Outside of this, a raid rotator and a dungeon rotator will be put in place, all offering a Pinnacle reward once beaten.

Bungie said that for the weekly rotation, players will be able to revisit the Vex in Garden of Salvation in Destiny 2 or face off against the Riven once more, as an example of the kind of content that can be expected to return.

Beating the final encounter in any rotated raid or dungeon will also reward players with a Pinnacle drop from a Weekly Challenge, and they also won’t have lockouts for Legendary items, letting players farm the rotated content for Legendary rewards.

This new weekly rotations should drop alongside Season 17, which arrives in Destiny 2 this May.


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